Pere Mercader - Ponente del Curso de Gestión de Clínicas Veterinarias



Pere studied veterinary medicine following in his father's footsteps, but at a very young age he realized that he was -to put it soflty- a less than talented clinician but yet he had a flair for numbers. So, for the sake of pets, and after a very formative stage in a global animal nutrition company, he focused his interest in the management of veterinary clinics.

During the following years Pere dedicated himself to study, publish and teach about the profitability of clinics, the prices of veterinary services, the productivity of employees, the economic valuation of veterinary centers, the key management indicators (KPI's)... with the aim that veterinary professionals obtain a more dignified economic return and in accordance with their effort. This work culminated in the creation of VMS, a data analysis company specialized in the veterinary channel, to which he currently devotes most of his time.

Pere loves to take a nap, go for walks, win at paddle tennis and make charts with Excel.

His two favorite quotes are:

"In God we trust, the rest please bring the data." (W. Edwards Deming)
"Data, if you torture it enough, always ends up confessing to anything." (Ronald Coase)


  • Degree in Veterinary Medicine. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (1983-1988).
  • Master in Business Administration (MBA). IESE Business School (1989-1991)
  • Diploma in Advanced Studies in Economics & Management (15 phD courses + research thesis).
    Pompeu Fabra University (2001-2005)
  • Gallina Blanca Purina (a Ralston Purina subsidiary) (1992-2001). Veterinary marketing manager, European veterinary marketing coordinator, market research manager.
  • Veterinary Management Studies (VMS) (2005 - present). Founder and managing partner. Firm of quantitative analysis of economic information of the Spanish veterinary centers with a panel of more than 800 centers.
  • Trainer and consultant in more than 35 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. (2008-2020)
  • Speaker for 11 consecutive years at the Royal Canin Vet Symposium (aka Veterinary Business Forum) with more than 600 veterinary congressmen from more than +50 countries (2008-2019).
  • Author of the book "Business Solutions for Veterinary Centers" published in Spanish, English, Chinese and Italian (Servet Ediciones, 2009).
  • Co-founder and member of the first board of directors of AGESVET, the first association 100% dedicated to clinic management in Spain (2008).
  • Co-author (together with Miguel Ángel Díaz) and professor of the online course on Veterinary Center Management (2021).
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