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Miguel Ángel has always been passionate about veterinary medicine. From the beginning of his professional career, he always looked for ways to learn by attending congresses, courses and traveling to other centers. He obtained a diploma in Internal Medicine in Utretch by ESAVS, also the AO Advanced in Orthopedics and Traumatology and was a pioneer in the use of CO2 laser scalpel in Spain.

Her most difficult moment was when her clinic grew, became a 24-hour hospital and she had to manage a team of 17 people. That is where he found great help in coaching. Over the years, he became a certified coach himself, set up his own coaching company and combined his work as a hospital owner, clinical veterinarian, lecturer and coach for more than 8 years.

He finally made the decision to sell his hospital to his team and dedicate himself 100% to training and coaching in leadership and communication focused entirely on the world of the veterinary clinic.

When he is not designing or giving conferences, coaching sessions or devising tools to help his clients, you will see him playing padle tennis or fly fishing, of course, always releasing every trout to the river.

By the way, Miguel Angel (Pancho) loves Visual Thinking, thinking about how to translate concepts and ideas into images to communicate in a more effective, memorable and fun way. One thing that gives him wings is that his coaching clients encourage him every day to go live capturing the content of their coaching conversations.

And always, always, you will see him ready to eat a good ice cream.

His favorite quote is "Everything happens for a reason".

MIGUEL ANGEL DIAZ SANCHEZ - Ponente del Curso de Gestión de Clínicas Veterinarias


  • Miguel Angel is a veterinarian and ran his own veterinary hospital for over 25 years.
  • Co-author and Instructor of the Veterinary Clinic Management Course together with Pere Mercader.
  • International Coach certified by ICC and Center for Executive Coaching (USA).
  • Author of the book "7 Keys to Successful Veterinary Clinic Management", translated into English, Polish, Chinese and Italian.
  • Director of New Way Coachingfrom which he has trained hundreds of veterinarians in Europe, Asia and Latin America in Leadership and Effective Communication.
  • International Speaker and Ted Talk Speaker
  • He works day to day with veterinary clinic owners and their teams to help them improve their communication skills, their leadership and enjoy healthier and more sincere relationships.
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